It is impossible to pinpoint the exact date when the tarot card system began. There is much evidence to suggest that the 78 tarot cards we have today could have been used in divination in Italy or France during the Renaissance. The original tarot deck only contained the Major Arcana. The Lesser Arcana came later.

Twenty-two cards make up the Major Arcana. The number 22 symbolized the connection between reality and the higher universe in ancient times. This number was influential, as it represented the cosmic power of changing the world and the bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds. There are 56 Lesser Arcana cards, which include the Grail for Water and the Sceptre of Fire, Gold for Earth, and Sword for Wind.

Some tarot card designs are suitable for beginners. To help beginners understand, each card’s essential information is printed on each pattern, symbol, and number. The basics of tarot card printers reading are a deck, book, and notebook. There are many types of cards and many tarot card designers. Waite is the best and most reliable card. It is both suited for the beginner and the master. The novice can intuitively interpret the card’s meaning from its surface.

Why are tarot card prices so high? Many prices are too different! This depends on the tarot version, the specifications of the card, and the printing technology used. The price for adding only one treatment to a surface or multiple treatments will be very different. Price will be affected by the paper you choose to print on. Prices will also vary depending on the quality of tarot cards produced by various suppliers. It all depends on the needs of the customer. Both high quality and average quality are unbeatable

Do not rush learning the Tarot. It is impossible to memorize everything in one sitting. It is essential to make learning fun and easy. Start slowly by learning the keywords for each card. Write about the card on a piece of paper. This will help you learn faster.

These are some of the key points to remember when learning Tarot. This is a slow process, and you will not become a master in a matter of hours. You can take it slow and enjoy the journey. This is not prepared for an exam. You don’t need to memorize and understand the cards quickly and correctly. You will fail if you try to do it all at once.

What card resonates with your heart? You can take a few deep breaths and clear your energy field to focus and pick the best cards you like. What is the most appealing thing about the card? What is the most attractive thing about the card? Is it a word or number, a picture, color, or what is the whole scene portraying? This is a time to stop, listen, see, feel, or hear the message. Allow the news to unfold around your senses, and trust them.

Although design can vary greatly, all tarot decks have a few standard features. Each deck contains 78 cards, divided into two groups: major and minor arcana. The deck’s 22 major arcana cards are the trump cards.